Carolinas Region Contacts

Mailing Address

Carolinas Region
The Embroiderers' Guild Of America, Inc.

Elected Officers

Director:   Janet Noble
Assistant Director:   Carole Overton
Secretary:   Elizabeth Little
Treasurer:   Sydney Mace
Education Coordinator:   Margaret Wiesemann


Standing Committee Chairs

By-Laws:   Becky Buie
Education:   Margaret Wiesemann
Financial Planning:   Sydney Mace
Outreach:   Millie Strobel
RegioNews:   Cathie Barker
Website Coordinator:   Cathie Barker


Special Committee Chairs

CRESS:   Margaret Wiesemann
Region Seminar:   Carole Overton


Nominating Committee

Member (2015 - 2018):   Katrina Lawrimore
Member (2016 - 2019):   Julia Tison
Member (2017 - 2020):   Sallie Folk

Executive Committee

The elected officers.

The Executive Committee supervises the affairs of the region between board meetings, and performs other duties as specified by the board of directors. It meets between meetings of the board of directors. Quorum: majority of its members.

Board of Directors

The elected officers, standing committee chairs, and two representatives from each chapter. Board members serving in more than one capacity have one vote.

The board of directors conducts business which is necessary to the operation of the region, including adopting a budget, electing officers, amending bylaws, and receiving officers and committees reports. Quorum: 1/3 of member chapters (currently 6 of 17).

Source: Carolinas Region Bylaws