EGA Chapter Reporting Requirements

Attn: Chapter presidents, region representatives, and editors, it is your responsibility to be sure your membership officer, secretary, and treasurer know when and where to send these items.




Minutes of board and general meetings (unless included in the chapter's newsletter)

Within the month

Region Director

Membership roster

At the same time you send membership info to National Office

Region Director

National dues and membership information

Renewals no later than May 31 annually. New members immediately upon joining

National Office

Region dues and membership information

Same time as sent to National

Region Treasurer

Chapter newsletters

When sent to members

Region Director;
Assistant Region Director;
Editor, RegioNews;
Region Outreach Chair

EGA Chapter Officer Change List (EGA Form)

Within 2 weeks of election

Region secretary;
Region Director

Education questions/information

As needed

Region Education Coordinator

Annual chapter report

By December 15

Region Director

Annual financial report

By February 15

Region Director;
EGA Headquarters